About Us

Camp Enchantment is a camp for children, ages 7 to 17, from all over the state of New Mexico, who are on treatment for cancer or in survivorship from cancer. We serve approximately 200 children and staff at the Fort Lone Tree for Camp Enchantment every year. Our volunteer staff includes doctors, nurses, counselors, artists, and activity coordinators to meet the needs of our campers and to make a memorable and fun camp week. Our volunteer staff includes pediatric cancer survivors and siblings who attended camp as children. The camp experience gives our children a much-needed return of their youth, and the program gives the families of these children a much-needed reprieve from the intense responsibility of caring for a child with cancer. As we continue to receive more funds from our community, we will look to serve even more children.

Camp Enchantment is celebrating over 30 years in New Mexico!

About 11,000 new cases of cancer are diagnosed in children each year in the U.S., with childhood cancers impacting more potential patient-years of life than any other cancer except breast and lung cancer. Children and adolescents dealing with cancer want to participate in all the traditional experiences of growing up, but instead they fight a disease that can monopolize their daily lives and rob them of much of their childhood. Many programs address the medical needs of children and adolescents with cancer, but few address their emotional, psychological, social, and physical needs. Camp Enchantment New Mexico provides childhood cancer support programs that give pediatric cancer patients, survivors, and families the opportunity to renew their spirits, catch up with old friends, and make new friends in a safe, supportive environment, surrounded by other children and teens who understand and identify with their situation.

One hundred percent of donated funds are used to implement our camp programs. The child poverty rate in New Mexico is 25.9% and many of our campers look forward to our free programs and events throughout the year. Our camp staff, medical staff, and board members are mostly volunteers. The money donated pays for Camp Enchantment, which includes the use of the camp facilities at Fort Lone Tree, food, and activities provided for the campers, as well as our camp community events throughout the year. We are unbelievably grateful to our donors. Without their generosity, the special moments and friendships that are forged at camp wouldn’t be possible.

Camp Director

Shayna Rosenblum

Board of Directors

  • Kyle Stepp – Board President
  • Nicole Abreu – Board Vice President
  • Kellie Nicholson – Board Secretary & Treasurer
  • Melissa O’neill
  • Cameron Rodger
  • Berdel Boulanger
  • Linda Butros
  • Austin Megli
  • Erin Muffoletto
  • Nicole Abreu
  • Gian Chaves
  • David Stroud
  • Jackie Moss-Apodaca
  • Justina Grant
  • Cassandra Cooper
  • Mia Zamora

If you’re interested in joining Camp Enchantment’s Board of Directors, click here to learn more.

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